Seven Weeks and Counting

I have Bridal Tourette’s.

This is a syndrome many have experienced, but no one has identified until today.. My fiancê named it this morning, after the third episode took place last night.

It looks like this: it’s been a day filled with address-collecting, finger food-pricing, and emails to and from my Tribe about who’s sleeping where and whether a chocolate fountain is a good idea or not.  My sweetheart and I are contentedly drifting off to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, some part of my mind is still racing with wedding planning. A crucial piece of information suddenly leaps from that mind-part out of my mouth.

“We have the church sanctuary reserved!”

“Fred Smith!”

And my favorite, “Costco pinwheels!”

This would be kind of amusing, if it were not for the disruption of my Beloved’s sleep cycle. See, he’s usually also just about asleep when this happens, and he’s a light sleeper, and these episodes are not only sudden, but loud.

“We have the church sanctuary reserved!”

“Fred Smith!”

“Costco pinwheels!”

It doesn’t sit well with him, but he realizes it’s out of my control, and he’s a very kind and patient man with a sense of humor, so he laughs, and I laugh, and then I start to giggle hysterically. It can go on for quite a while.


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