Five-Minute Friday: Connected

This Friday I am not writing from teatime.  We’ve been busy at tea; today was a Christmas tea, with quite a feast and quite a crowd.  It was a good day to reflect on and think about being connected.

I am connected to this community.  Connected to these friends, to my church, to my workplace, to my business team, to the stores where I shop, to the orange clay that sometimes hides beneath the grass and sometimes sticks to my shoes and comes up the stairs into my condo.

Connected to my family, each branch and sub-category and group and definition of it.

Connected to my children with invisible ropes that are tested but always, always strong.

Connected to my sweetheart in ways I cannot articulate except in trite phrases that don’t stand up to the reality of him knowing what I’m thinking about three seconds before I do.

Connected to Spirit, and just only in recent years getting that and losing it and getting it again and thanking God for always extending the offer of connection.


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