Five-Minute Friday:

Writing from tea again – we started today’s party with a reading of Go the F*ck to Sleep.  I am so grateful for this group of friends … now the word is COLOR.

Which is so cool, because I just went to Lisette’s house for the first time today and it is FULL of color.  She told the story of getting it painted from vanilla into this amazing combo of TWELVE colors by a paint crew who got the job done in two days’ time.  The parlor is vivid blue; the staircase is magenta on one wall and gold on the others … it’s astonishing and beautiful.  The tour made me of course think about the house we hope to buy soon soon soonity soon … boy, I hope the man can stand the colors I’ll be slapping up on the wall.   Heh heh heh. 

Lisette is color … wait.  If she were a color (besides, like, her regular skin color) she would maybe be fuschia.  Heidi would be … ummm … rainbow.  Rhonda would be blue, but maybe I’m just saying that because I know it’s her favorite.  Doug would be green.  I would be orange.  Michelle would be purple.  Deborah would be – is – pink.  Kaydi, red.  Robin, brown.  Linda … she’s hard.  She’s a painter, for heaven’s sake.  She can be whatever color she wants.


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