Five-Minute Friday Two Days Late: Tired

How very fitting.

Two days late because I was too busy to write on Friday.  Being busy results in becoming … tired.  If you don’t watch out.

Sometimes busy-ness can be invigorating, but balance is required.

Busy-ness isn’t the only thing that makes one tired, though … there have been times when I’ve been bone-tired and it was from doing nothing all day, or at least, nothing out of the ordinary.

There are two types of tired, I think – no, three.

The first is when one is tired OF something – like tired OF the bigotry one hears and sees and smells and feels and just can’t quite address in a way that makes it go away, POOF. Or tired of trying to explain one’s self to a group of people who just can’t get it. Or tired of rudeness or arguments or sarcasm or biting remarks to which there can never be the right answer.

I hate that kind of tired.  Just bludgeon me to death and get it over with, please.

There’s tired from working for a really long time on something one is not terribly invested in, but it has to be done and it’s the job and so there you go.

Then there’s tired from doing things one loves … tired from a day of being outdoors or swimming or being in a group of ordinary people having extraordinary conversations or digging in the dirt or holding babies or reading to children or building something amazing.

That kind of tired lets one go to bed and sleep good sleep.  That’s the kind of tired I want to feel at the end of my day.

I hope I can feel that kind of tired at the end of my life.


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