Five-minute Friday: Grateful

Well, this is a cop-out on the day after Thanksgiving, I have to say.  (No disrespect to The Gypsy Mama – after all, she started this bidness, she can run it how she wants – but haven’t we all been talking about gratitude for the past month?)

Grateful Dead.  Deadheads.  Can think of a few.  Good people.

Grateful that the explanations in my head rarely turn out to be accurate, and the actual explanations tend to be far more benign than anticipated.  The world is really not out to get me.  I have not (generally) embarrassed myself or my loved ones beyond redemption.  The sun’ll come out, tomorrow.

Grateful for the usual things: roof over my head, food in my belly, cat on my lap, people in my life. Grateful for dental floss, even though I don’t use it as often as I should.  Grateful that I had AWESOME parents and still have AWESOME parents.  Grateful that my kids are turning out to be awesome, in spite of me.


One thought on “Five-minute Friday: Grateful

  1. A note: The Gypsy Mama, for reasons that are in all likelihood perfectly legitimate but unknown to me, is now requiring that those who wish to link their posts to her blog include their names and email addresses. As I prefer to keep this blog anonymous so that only a few friends know it’s mine, I won’t be linking to her blog on future Fridays. Please check her out at

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