Five-minute Friday: Grow

Doing it at tea with friends: stop, drop and write for five minutes.  GO.

Grow.  Grow.  Grow.

Grow, you tomatoes. Grow better and riper and redder than any that have ever appeared in this neighborhood ever before, and garner for me the admiration and awe of all.

Grow, you basil.  Fill up my window with fragrant leaves that I can break off and tear up over the sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella from the farmers’ market and douse with balsamic vinegar and eat with utmost satisfaction.

Grow, you jade plant.  Make those plump, round leaves a symbol of abundance to send them abundant vibes throughout this tacky little condo.

Grow, you peace lilies.  Remind me of the increasing peace I’m experiencing as I gain my balance.

Grow, me, the most stubborn of all.  GROW.



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