Five-Minute Friday: Relevant

Relevant schmelevant.

Irrelevant, more like it.  Or maybe irreverent.  I kind of prefer things that are those two things over relevance and reverence.

Relevant is sincerity and protest and political social religious activism and really friggin’ exhausting, when it comes down to it.  And reverence, I fear, is even worse – except when it comes to reverence for things like the pumpkins on Bynum Bridge or the smell  of a baby’s breath.

Irrelevant … distractions, unimportance, the way certain people in my life have made me feel (wait, Eleanor Roosevelt said no one makes you feel bad unless you let them, or something like that, which is VERY relevant).  Irreverent is just funny.  Although some people find it offensive.  They should cut it out, I say.

Why is relevance so revered?  What qualifies something as relevant, anyway? Isn’t everything anything relevant to someone or something?  My cat thinks his Greenies are pretty damned relevant, I’ll tell you.  Especially today, after he had to go to the vet.  That was relevant.

Relevant makes me think of loftiness, snootiness, the stuff people say is bad about the town where I live.


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