Five-Minute Friday (!) – Beyond

Missed it yesterday … but check out The Gypsy Mama for the rules. And thanks again to my friend Mary Kathryn for turning me on to this exercise 🙂

Beyond all recognition
Beyond all understanding
Beyond the moon … beyond the rain … (anyone catch that reference?)
Beyond your wildest expectations

Things extend beyond what you anticipate. Events do. You never know how one action will lead you to a choice you didn’t know you’d have and how what someone says or how the wind blows or how your head turns might cause you to take one more step toward some THING, some goal, some life you had no idea you would or could be living.

Take me, for instance.

All of the experiences I have had have led me right here, to this couch with this afghan I crocheted when I was 18 years old over my legs and this cat by my side and this laptop on … well, on my lap, of course. And these are teeny pieces of a collection of facets images particles huge chunks of my life that were all completely to be expected, but nothing like what I’d anticipated, and beyond anything I would have predicted


3 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday (!) – Beyond

  1. “Things extend beyond what you anticipate”. This sentence describes life exactly.
    As I scrolled down reading, I smiled, laughed, nodded, yep, that is just the way it is. You have a beautiful gift of story telling.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m so glad I could meet you.

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