Okay, I’ll Play

Five-minute Friday – visit The Gypsy Mama for an explanation – because I’ve wanted to, because MK encouraged me (us her readership, not me in particular, but I take these things personally), because I can think of nothing more pleasant than to sit here and drink my breakfast shake and write, but I’m not quite ready to tell another story because the more I write, the more I’m figuring out about me and sometimes that’s a little scary.  So the word today is “catch” and I’m setting the timer … GO.

Catch the ball, dammit … if you do, she’s out!  The fabulous Marcy Marceau caught the ball and Sarah Hougaboom was out and that won the battleball game for our side and WHAT a victory that was.

Catching things means they’re contagious and I may have caught the blogging bug from MK but it was fed by The Bitter Divorcee and Anne Lamott and David Sedaris and my mama and Miss Paige and the wonderful people who told me I could write and should write and by golly needed to write.  Including my spiritual advisor counselor coach friend who knows these things.  Too many stories in my cells in the mitochondria of my cells not to put them down.

P.S. Five minutes can be long when you’re not used to this sort of thing.



3 thoughts on “Okay, I’ll Play

    • Thanks, you two – totally new at this, so I hope I link correctly and all that stuff. My previous writing has been mostly on the backs of receipts or envelopes, though sometimes in a journal when I was feeling ambitious. I think I like this community!

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